Jonny Fritz “Goodbye Summer” Video


Jonny Fritz has released a new video for his single “Goodbye Summer;” it  premiered yesterday at the Onion AV Club. This is the first video for Fritz’s new ATO Records release Dad Country, which debuted this week on the Top 100 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart. The video was filmed in the desert outside of Las Vegas by filmmaker Sean Dunne (Oxyana, American Juggalo, Stray Dawg) and consists of Jonny, a woman and a shit ton of fireworks which he’s either detonating or dodging. Filmed against a panoramic desert landscape, the video starts with Fritz out in the middle of nowhere, dressed in his gator-skin booted best, and executing his trademark dance moves — sort of an updated country two-step/shuffle. By the end of the video he’s danced through a dazzling barrage of fireworks, cowboy hat off, unscathed and having the time of his life.

Says Fritz, “I was in Las Vegas with Sean Dunne to help him shoot a commercial for a reality tv show. We got bored with that very quickly and Sean offered to buy a ton of fireworks, go out into the desert and fire them at me while I danced my ass off.”