Secretly Publishing Welcomes Katy Davidson


Songwriter Katy Davidson (pronouns: they/them) has played under a handful of monikers, but Dear Nora is the one most widely recognized. Dear Nora originally formed in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. The band released a handful of enigmatic and compelling albums throughout the early 2000s, and toured around the world. Throughout the years, the Dear Nora live band featured a rotating cast of band members, though oftentimes Davidson played solo. Davidson retired the band name Dear Nora in 2008 and began releasing music under the names Lloyd & Michael and Key Losers. Davidson also played as a touring musician in the bands YACHT and Gossip. Davidson then revived Dear Nora in 2017 when Orindal Records reissued the album Mountain Rock on vinyl. Spurred by the momentum, Davidson decided to create the first album of new Dear Nora material in a decade, Skulls Example, which Orindal released in 2018. Dear Nora is working on a new album, scheduled for release in 2022.